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It's hard to say.
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August 15th At 12:55AM]

HOW did we miss this when it was out? HOW HOW HOW?


so pretty.
My worries weigh the world.

you probably wont find these funny.... but i did [Tuesday
August 12th At 10:34PM]


My worries weigh the world.

November 25th At 6:33PM]

oh well so i did post it here or whatever there you go three posts in one day.
My worries weigh the world.

November 25th At 6:30PM]

I tried to post an entry however i posted to my journal instead however i believe its public so there ya go i tried!

I'll try harder soon i promise x
My worries weigh the world.

egg cups, [Sunday
November 25th At 6:24PM]

nanny cripps, 2 egg cups, oven glove, high quality wooden spoons, lol apparently is what James wants for xmas.. anyway!

damnnn thats not the avatar site's address.. anyway LOVELY bert avatars at iconator possibly could be the name of the site..


My worries weigh the world.

hiya [Monday
July 23rd At 8:52PM]

You posted this yesterday and i didn't even know! DIM!
awhh so cute.

I have indeed seen the stills, i have seen them on their myspace :)

I have not gone to So'ton, it was 7 when they left and i felt it rather late!

I need to change my userpic..
Tis borin' i will find a jazzy frank one later.
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July 22nd At 6:00PM]


since this was the picture that we were gonna put up on here! its not the greatest really.

so here's another, i love this for some reason.


i can't stop!

....................and one of quinn because he's so cute.

" i just got fired! "

and (half of) one of jeph cos i don't wanna leave him out and i love him too. the other half got lost.

so have you seen the stills on their myspace from the pretty handsome awkward video? looks funky.
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July 22nd At 3:40PM]

[ mood | chipper ]

Sorry distracted by Quinn!
I love him. I'm watching his vegetarian youtube bit, i think its fine! but thats me obviously. WARPED MIND.

:) :)

I had stuff to say, but now my mind is blaaaaank.


The million conversations youtube is weeeeeeell funny! he reminds me of karl also tho.. hm.

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July 22nd At 1:19AM]

hi hi hi. i finally did it, even though it's taken hours and it's fucking random o'clock in the morning. had to settle for this layout as the others were not working at all. poor quinn is hidden by the ads bless him. argh, they're all hidden now! what's the point in that!

a rather interesting video i think!


i LOVE tai, bert's and especially brendan urie's voices....... "still i think he's rather tasty!"

also, this is a still from a video from youtube... it's frank kissing jepha, yeah??

yum anyway.

and this is totally random but it's funny. it's called "conversations you will have a million times in your life"


"and the milkshakes are made out of potatoes!!" oh, and it reminded me of charlie chalk! i loved it! i forget what actually happened in it though. of course.
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July 21st At 11:57PM]

 test test test test testes
My worries weigh the world.

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