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hi hi hi. i finally did it, even though it's taken hours and it's fucking random o'clock in the morning. had to settle for this layout as the others were not working at all. poor quinn is hidden by the ads bless him. argh, they're all hidden now! what's the point in that!

a rather interesting video i think!


i LOVE tai, bert's and especially brendan urie's voices....... "still i think he's rather tasty!"

also, this is a still from a video from youtube... it's frank kissing jepha, yeah??

yum anyway.

and this is totally random but it's funny. it's called "conversations you will have a million times in your life"


"and the milkshakes are made out of potatoes!!" oh, and it reminded me of charlie chalk! i loved it! i forget what actually happened in it though. of course.
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